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Seminars 2009-10

2010 Seminars

Date Location Speaker Topic Host
February Wellington Peter Holle, Frontier Center for Public Policy, Canada What New Zealand Can Learn From Local Government Amalgamation in Canada Buddle Findlay
February Auckland Peter Holle, Frontier Center for Public Policy, Canada "Supercity" - What New Zealand might learn from Local Government Amalgamation in Canada Bell Gully
March Wellington Lewis Evans, Victoria University of Wellington Efficiency of Collusion and Criminal Sanctions in New Zealand Bell Gully
March Wellington Geoff McLay, Victoria University of Wellington Tort, theory, anti-theory and ACC Chapman Tripp
March Auckland Mike Burrell, CEO Aquaculture New Zealand Governing the commons: the case of aquaculture Kensington Swan
April Auckland Toby Stevenson, LECG Electricity Industry Governance and Reform MED Business Centre
May Wellington Michael Littlewood, University of Auckland Tax Reforms in Hong Kong Kensington Swan
May Auckland A debate: Dr John Small, Covec vs Professor Lew Evans, NERA and Victoria University Whether New Zealand would be wise to criminalise cartel behaviour Wilson Harle
June Wellington Ralph Chivers, Telecom Governments and telecommunications – a match made in heaven or shot-gun wedding? DLA Phillips Fox
June Auckland LEANZ Conference and LEANZ AGM Keynote Speaker: Wolfgang Kasper University of Auckland
July Wellington Brownwyn Howell and Dave Heatley, ISCR Overseas Investment Act: Is New Zealand 'Open For business'? Russell McVeagh
July Auckland Dr Michael Littlewood, University of Auckland Law School Tax Reform and the Instructive Case of Hong Kong Ernst & Young
August Wellington Prof. Max Stearns, University of Maryland Social Choice Theory and direct democracy Government Buildings Lecture Theatre<
August Auckland Prof. Max Stearns, University of Maryland Public Choice Theory - (Anti) Democracy Russell McVeagh
September Wellington Michael Littlewood Compulsory savings Simpson Grierson
September Auckland (held jointly with University of Auckland Business School) Professor Geoffrey Wood, University of Auckland Business School How economists mislead regulators University of Auckland Business School
October Wellington Prof. Neil Quigley, Victoria University ACC reforms TBC
October Auckland Rick Boven, New Zealand Institute Economic prosperity: ensuring capital availability for expanding international businesses TBC
November Auckland and Wellington Greg Houston, NERA Shareholder Class Actions:  A Rising Trend in Australia:  On Its Way Here? Simpson Grierson (Auckland) and Luke, Cunningham and Clere (Wellington)
November Wellington Justice Forrie Miller Reforming Civil Litigation Minter Ellison

2009 Seminars

Date Location Speaker Topic Host
February Wellington Frederic Sautet, George Mason University Obama's bail-out: the long term impact Bell Gully
March Auckland Brendan O'Donovan Perspectives on the credit crunch and how the state of finance markets Chapman Tripp
March Wellington Matt Burgess, iPredict Seeing the future: Prediction markets and the wisdom of crowds Chapman Tripp
April Auckland Dr Eric Crampton, Canterbury University Economics Department Elections and Political Ignorance: the myth of the rational voter Ernst & Young
April Wellington Dr Bryce Wilkinson, Capital Economics A primer on Property Rights, Takings and Compensation Kensington Swan
June Auckland Ralph Townsend, Chief Economist, Ministry of Fisheries New Zealand’s Quota Management System, Successes, Challenges and Good Governance for our Fisheries Resournce Russell McVeagh
June Wellington Brendan O'Donovan, Westpac Perspectives on the 'credit crunch' and the state of finance markets Chapman Tripp
July Wellington LEANZ held a one day conference alongside the New Zealand Association of Economists Speakers included: Hon Rodney Hide, Alan Woodfield, Tanira Kingi and Susy Frankel James Cook Grand Chancellor Hotel
August Auckland Alex Tan, Director, PwC forensics services and Gary Hughes, Wilson Harle The Anti-Money Laundering & Countering Financing of Terrorism Bill – the law and economics of financial crime Pricewaterhouse Coopers
August Wellington Kesten Green, Monash University and Decisions Research Ltd Public policy lessons from history: Using structured analogies to predict the effects of the manmade global warming movement Russell McVeagh
September Wellington Peter Fraser, Senior Advisor, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry No Crying over Regulated Milk? Competition policy in the Dairy Industry and Auctioning Raw Milk Simpson Grierson
September Auckland Professor David Mayes, University of Auckland Smarter not tougher regulation for the financial system Mayne Wetherell
October Wellington Dr George Barker, Director of the Centre for Law & Economics, Australian National University Intellectual Property 2.0: The Role of Intellectual Property in the New Digital Economy Ernst & Young
November Wellington Dr Veronica Jacobsen Costs, Benefits and Rationality: Economics and Criminal Justice Policy Luke, Cunningham & Clere
November Auckland Dr Bryce Wilkinson How to improve government regulation in the future - the work of the Regulatory Reponsiblity Taskforce Wilson Harle
December Auckland Professor Glen Boyle The role of securitisation in the great credit crunch BNZ Capital Partners

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