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Seminars 2002-06

Wellington Seminars 2006

Date Speaker Topic Venue
Mon 20 Mar 2006 Dr John Yeabsley, NZIER, Susy Frankel, VUW Faculty of Law Intellectual Property - Problem or Solution? Bell Gully, HP Tower, 171 Featherston St, Wellington
Mon 10 Apr 2006 Peter Conway, CTU Minimum Wages: The Case for Government Action

Simpson Grierson Level 24, HSBC Tower, 195 Lambton Quay, Wellington

Monday 22 May 2006 Geoff McLay, VUW Faculty of Law Leaky buildings – why, and what to do? Buddle Findlay, State Insurance Tower, BNZ Centre, 1 Willis St, Wellington
Weds 28 Jun 2006 Suri Ratnapala, University of Queensland Environmentalism vs Constitutionalism paper here

James Cook Hotel Grand Chancellor, 147 The Terrace, Wellington

Mon 10 Jul 2006 Fionnghuala Cuncannon and James Palmer, Russell McVeagh Availability of specific performance for breach of contract - does economic analysis justify the common law approach?

Russell McVeagh, Midland Park, Wellington

Mon 7 Aug 2006 Bronwyn Howell, ISCR and Victoria University Paying for the Waiting List Cull at the GP’s Surgery

Chapman Tripp, Level 6, Optimation House, 1 – 13 Grey Street, Wellington

Sat 12 Aug 2006 Peter Boettke and Frederic Sautet Austrian Economics Workshop

Victoria University

Mon 28 Aug 2006 Howard Broad, Commissioner of Police Gangs, their economic activity and countermeasures Russell McVeagh, Mobil on the Park, 157 Lambton Quay, Wellington
Mon 25 Sep 2006 Bronwyn Howell and Bryce Wilkinson Political Policies and Regulatory Processes: The Path to Local Loop Unbundling in NZ Minter Ellison, Level 17, 125 The Terrace, Wellington

Auckland Seminars 2006

Date Speaker Topic Venue

Thu 16 Mar 2006

Jason Varuhas

Why law needs Law and Economics

Level 18, AXA Tower, 41 Shortland St, Auckland

Thu  27 Apr 2006

Brendan Lyne, Grant Thornton

Contemporary issues in corporate valuation and takeovers

Chapman Tripp, Auckland

Tuesday 23 May 2006 Stuart Shepherd, LECG New Zealand’s Venture Capital Market Deloitte Level 8, Deloitte House, 8 Nelson Street, Auckland (Entrance is on Wyndam Street - Nelson Street end)
Thu 22 Jun 2006 Tom McClurg, Aotearoa Fisheries Ltd New Zealand Fisheries Management:  Sectoral Interests versus the Public Good" (The Quota Management System 1986 – 2006)

Bell Gully, Level 22, Vero Centre, 48 Shortland Street, Auckland

Weds 26 Jul 2006 Roger Kerr, Executive Director, NZ Business Roundtable How to think about public policy

Simpson Grierson, L27, Simpson Grierson, 88 Shortland Street, Akld CBD

Weds 23 Aug 2006 Jonathan Eriksen, Eriksen & Associates Ltd Savings KPMG, Boardrooms 15 & 16, Level 1, KPMG Centre, 18 Viaduct Harbour Avenue, Akld CBD
Thu 21 Sep 2006 Dr David Skilling, Chief Executive of The New Zealand Institute The Economics of Growth

PricewaterhouseCoopers, PricewaterhouseCoopers Tower, Level 22, 188 Quay Street, Auckland

Thu 5 Oct 2006 Wolfgang Kasper, Emeritus Professor of Finance, University of New South Wales Location, Institutions and Economic Growth

Hosts: Capital Economics and Ireland Wallace & Associates; Cathedral Room, The Auckland Club, 34 Shortland Street, Auckland

2004 and 2005 Seminars

Date Speaker Topic Venue

Mon 12 Dec 2005

Jason Varuhas

Why law needs Law and Economics

Buddle Findlay,  Wellington

Weds 23 Nov 2005

Geof Nightingale, Robin Oliver, Rob McLeod, Craig Stobo Taxing Investment and Capital Gains Tax

Ernst & Young, Wellington

Tues 4 Oct 2005 Professor Henry Ordower Demystifying hedge funds, or how high is your fulcrum? Simpson Grierson, Wellington
Mon 19 Sept 2005 Anthony Casey and David Peters Economic models and competition law cases: The case of Qantas - Air New Zealand Bell Gully, Wellington
Mon 5 Sept 2005 Geof Harley Spooky jurisprudence: Peterson v IRD Russell McVeagh, Wellington
Mon 8 Aug 2005 Tyler Cowen Implications of New Developments in Public Choice Theory for Competition Policy Chapman Tripp, Wellington
Mon 18 July 2005 Rob Cameron Governance: The Decline of the Public Corporation? Bell Gully, Wellington
Weds 29 June 2005 Professor John C. Panzar Competition Policy in New Zealand: The Vexing Question of the Benefit Standard (as part of LEANZ AGM)

Buddle Findlay, Wellington

Tues 24 May 2005 Hon David Caygill and John Isles Welfare for Political Parties? Funding and Regulation of Spending on Political Campaigns Chapman Tripp, Wellington
Thu 24 Nov 2005 Matthew Hanley, Robin Oliver, Rob McLeod, Craig Stobo Taxing Investment and Capital Gains Tax Ernst & Young, Auckland
Thu 8 Sep 2005 Rob Cameron Governance: The Decline of the Public Corporation? Fonterra, Auckland
Tues 2 Aug 2005 Glenn Boyle and Richard Meade One size fits all? Investor Protection Regulation in Financial Markets Ernst & Young, Auckland
Weds 6 July 2005 Dr Graham Scott Electricity Commission as a Case Study in Design of a Public Institution Bell Gully, Auckland

21/02/05 6:00pm

Bernard Robertson Resource Management and Competition Chapman Tripp, Wellington
18/10/04 6:00pm John Prebble

Income Tax Fictions and the Siberian Dilemma

8/10/04 1:30pm Gary Libecap Managing the Commons: Institutional Responses for Resource Management Treasury
5/8/04 10:30am Richard Epstein The Case For A Flat Tax Ernst & Young Auckland
2/8/04 6:00pm Richard Epstein Givings and Takings: Reciprocal Problems Buddle Findlay
12/7/04 6:00pm Lewis Evans The Evolving Tension Between Security of Contract and Competition Law Bell Gully
30/6/04, 5:30pm David Friedman Economics and the Law James Cook Hotel
29/6/04 1:30pm David Friedman Future Imperfect Rutherford House, VUW
28/6/04 5:30pm David Friedman

Market Failure: The Problems of Political Markets

Ernst & Young, Auckland
14/6/04 6:00pm Graham Scott The Electricity Commission as a Case Study in Design of a Public Institution Buddle Findlay
10/6/04 5:45pm Hon Sir Ian Barker QC and Phil Barry Arbitration, Mediation and the Courts Chapman Tripp, Auckland
3/5/04 6:00pm Hon Sir Ian Barker QC and Phil Barry Arbitration, Mediation and the Courts Russell McVeagh
29/3/04 6:00pm Frederic Sautet Shaky or Solid? A Look at the Economic Foundations of Competition Law Buddle Findlay
15/3/04 6:00pm Hon Justice Bruce Robertson What is Wrong with our Court System Chapman Tripp
23/2/04 6:00pm

Rick Bigwood

Contract Law and Exploitation

Buddle Findlay - Wellington

2002 and 2003 Seminars

Date Speaker Topic Venue

03/11/03 5:30pm

Jack Hodder
Chapman Tripp

The power of precedent: should a court of final appeal correct an earlier "wrong" decision?

Chapman Tripp

06/10/03 5:30pm

Bryan and Kate Gunderson
Kensington Swan/Minter Ellison

The Court of Appeal decision in FCE/ECNZ

Kensington Swan
89 The Terrace

23/09/03 5:30pm

Richard Clarke, in conjunction with the New Zealand Public Law Society

Legislation Advisory Committee Guidelines

VUW Law School
18/09/03 5:30pm

James Allan
Associate Professor, Law Faculty, University of Otago

Rights And Why Economists Get Them In A Muddle

Chapman Tripp,
L6 1-13 Grey Street, Wellington

01/09/03 5:30pm Tom McClurg (Ernst & Young), Briony Davies (Chapman Tripp) Property Rights and the Foreshore

Chapman Tripp

19/08/03 5:30pm

Allan Beever
Faculty of Law, University of Auckland

The Common Law: Where Economics Does Not Belong

VUW Law School

21/07/03 5:30pm

Richard Boast
Associate Professor of Law, Victoria University, Wellington

Law, Economics and Maori Land Alienation: A Reconsideration

Kensington Swan

07/07/03 5:30pm

Veronica Jacobsen
Principal Advisor, The Treasury

Explaining and Predicting Changes in the Law: The Case of Minerals

Russell McVeagh

16/6/03 5:30pm

James Mellsop
Charles River Associates

The Practice of Collusion: Per Se Offence? The Implications of Market Evidence

Chapman Tripp

16/04/03 5:30pm

Bryce Wilkinson of Capital Economics & Stephen Franks, MP

Information Disclosure and Securities Market Regulation

Bell Gully
The Myers Room, Level 12
IBM Centre, 171 Featherston Street

03/03/03 12:00pm

Wolfgang Köhling
World Bank Economist.  Previously Head of Group: Economics and Good Governance, Centre for Development Research, Bonn University

The Economic Consequences of a Weak Judiciary: Insights from India

Lecture Theatre 3
Old Government Buildings, Victoria University Law School

25/09/02 12:30pm

Robert Dugan
Faculty of Law, Victoria University of Wellington


Intellectual Property - Implications of Open Source Software

The Socrates Room (Room #239) - 2nd Level (up main stairs, then to the right)
Old Government Buildings, Victoria University Law School

03/10/02 5:30pm

Damien Stone
Bell Gully

Maori Fisheries Claims

Russell McVeagh, Level 24, Mobil on the Park, Wellington
This seminar will be presented in conjunction with the LEANZ website launch, which runs from 5:30-7:00.

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