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Visiting Scholar 2017

The LEANZ Visiting Scholar for 2017 was Professor Justus Haucap from the Duesseldorf Institute for Competition Economics. Professor Haucap’s visit to New Zealand was funded by the Friedlander Foundation. Additional support was received from: Treasury, the Commerce Commission, the Electricity Authority and the Government Economics Network.


Competition and Antitrust in Digital Markets

Commerce Commission, Wellington

8 March 2017


Telecommunications Policy in Europe

Commerce Commission, Wellington

8 March 2017


On the Philosophy of Regulation

Treasury, Wellington

8 March 2017


How Mergers Affect Innovation: Theory and Evidence from the Pharmaceutical Industry

Victoria University of Wellington

8 March 2017


Competition and Innovation

Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, Wellington

9 March 2017


The Sharing Economy: Potential Efficiency Gains and Regulatory Requirements

LEANZ Seminar, Auckland

15 March 2017


Electricity Policy Developments in Europe

Electricity Authority, Wellington

21 March 2017


How Changing Energy Production and Storage Costs Affect Network Regulation and Market Design in Electricity Markets

Electricity Authority, Wellington

22 March 2017

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