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Seminars 2007-08

2008 Seminars

Date Location Speaker Topic Host
February Wellington Bryce Edwards and Andrew Geddis of the University of Otago Election Campaign Financing Bell Gully
March Wellington David Tripe, Centre for Banking Studies, Massey University Conundra in Banking Regulation Chapman Tripp
March Auckland Associate Professor Basil Sharp, University of Auckland Business School Design and operation of rights based systems of governance: issues for environmental and resource management Simpson Grierson
April Wellington Owen McShane RMA - getting out of the mess Ernst & Young
May Wellington Mark Ahn, Victoria University Biotech as a pillar of economic growth in NZ: sensible or nonsense? Kensington Swan
June Auckland Owen McShane

Why Urban Planners love Global Warming: issues for land use, transport and housing affordability in a time of climate change alarmism

Ernst & Young
June Wellington Professor Lew Evans, Victoria University/ISCR

To Own or Not to Own? Impacts of "Privatisation" and "Nationalisation" of New Zealand’s Railways

Chapman Tripp
July Wellington Ted Sieper Prosecuting criminal justice Minter Ellison Rudd Watts
July Auckland David Tripe, Centre for Banking Studies, Massey University Conundra in banking regulation Mayne Wetherell
August Wellington Hanna Wilberg, Facullty of Law, University of Auckland The defensive practice concern in public authority negligence claims: paralysis or conflict of duties? Buddle Findlay
August Auckland David Walker and Gus Charteris, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade The New Zealand - China Free Trade Agreement Russell McVeagh
September Wellington Dean Shirley, New Zealand Commerce Commission The Introduction of Competition Law in Singapore - Reflections from a Kiwi Stranded in the Tropics Simpson Grierson
September Auckland Dr Bryce Edwards, Department of Politics, Otago University Political Finance in an election year Bell Gully
October Auckland Dr Lew Evans, Professor of Economics, Victoria University and Dr Mark Berry, Barristers.comm Price regulation of electricity networks – an update Chapman Tripp
October Wellington Ralph Townsend, Chief Economist, Ministry of Fisheries New Zealand’s Quota Management System, Successes and Challenges Russell McVeagh
November Auckland Dr Susan St John, University of Auckland Business School Using the law as a last resort in policy making: Challenging the “Working for Families” redistributive package Buddle Findlay
November Wellington Gus Charteris and Wendy Matthews, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade The NZ – China FTA Phillips Fox

2007 Seminars

Date Location Speaker Topic Host
February Auckland Bronwyn Howell Paying for the Waiting List Cull at the GP's Surgery Bell Gully
February Wellington Warren Young Sentencing Guidelines The Law Commission
February Wellington Dr Cento Veljanovski Is Economics Getting More Important to the Law? Chapman Tripp
March Wellington David McLay The Third Sector: Some Thoughts on Definition, Regulation and Taxation Buddle Findlay
March Auckland Warren Young Sentencing Guidelines Simpson Grierson
April Wellington Eric Crampton MPs as Optimising Agents: Pork-Barrel Incentives and MMP Rutherford House, Victoria University
April Auckland Andrew Little Employment and risk: whose is it? Ernst & Young
May Auckland Roger Kerr & Chye Ching Economic constitutions: do we need a Regulatory Responsibility Act? Chapman Tripp
May Wellington Stuart Birks Speculating on the Future DLA Philips Fox
June Auckland Michael Littlewood Retirement saving issues in New Zealand: What has happened to evidence-based policy making? MayneWetherell
July Wellington Ann Brower High Country Leases reform: Who benefits? Landowners, the public, Agents, or Subagents? Bell Gully
July Auckland David Mayes Banking regulation across borders: minding the branch office Kensington Swan
August Wellington Julian Morris The Common Law and the Environment Kensington Swan
August Auckland Bryan Leyland Climate Change Fonterra
September Wellington Marie Bismark Designer Babies Buddle Findlay
September Auckland Alistair Marsden The impact of reforms to continuous disclosure regulation on the NZX financial information environment PriceWaterhouseCoopers
October Wellington Brendan Moyle Do bans on trade in endangered species work? Russell McVeagh
October Auckland John Goodman Globalisation and its myths KPMG
November Wellington Blumsky Robb Ambush Marketing AJ Park
December Wellington Oliver Meech Jail time for cartel offending: the Australian proposals and implications for NZ Minter Ellison Rudd Watts
December Auckland Ann Brower High country land law reform: who benefits? Landowners, the public, Agents or Subagents?” Buddle Findlay

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