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Next Wellington Seminar

Next Wellington Seminar


Topic:      The challenges of New Zealand companies in capturing value from innovation internationally

Speaker:  Simon Wakeman, Principal Advisor, Productivity Commission

Date:        Monday 5 May 2014

Venue:     Kensington Swan, 89 The Terrace, Wellington

Time:        5.30pm, for a 6pm start

RSVP:      tim.stephens@simpsongrierson.com


About the topic: 

Innovation creates economic value and drives growth. However, an innovator – and ultimately the economy – only benefits over the long term if it captures the value that it creates. Simon Wakeman will discuss the challenges facing New Zealand companies in capturing value from innovation. He will present the results from a series of interviews he conducted between October 2012 & February 2013 with executives of companies founded in order to commercialise an innovation internationally. As expected, one of the big challenges these companies face is raising finance, but he also found that these companies face difficulties recruiting the right personnel, especially good marketing/sales people and CEOs with the right balance of technical knowledge, international-market experience, and willingness to ‘do what it takes’. The interviews also revealed that although many innovators have applied for patents, few rely on them as the main form of IP protection and instead are likely to use non-legal mechanisms such as keeping information secret or being fast to market. He will then discuss some other challenges that New Zealand companies face, and the work that is going on to understand these issues, including whether the cultural attitudes of New Zealanders (e.g., the “boat, bach, beamer” syndrome) limit our ability to capture value from innovation.

About the speaker:

Simon Wakeman recently joined the New Zealand Productivity Commission as a Principal Advisor in the Economics & Research Team. He is also an Associate Professor at the European School of Management & Technology (ESMT) in Berlin, Germany. He holds a PhD in Business Administration and a MA in Economics from the University of California at Berkeley, and Honours degrees in Law and Economics from the University of Otago.



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