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Next Auckland Seminar

Next Auckland Seminar

New Wine in an Old Wineskin? – How Technology Changes affect both How and Why we Regulate

Speaker: Dr Richard Meade


KPMG, 18 Viaduct Harbour Ave, Auckland


Thursday 27 April. Refreshments from 5:30 pm, for a seminar start at 6 pm, and followed by a further opportunity for refreshments 7:00-7:30 pm.


Technologies have always changed, but the pace, character and scope of technology changes are greater now than ever. Innovators look to break down walls created by regulation designed to reflect incumbent technologies and interests. Incumbents demand that entrants face a level playing field. How is a regulator to respond? What sort of regulatory regimes are needed to appropriately trade off the needs for flexibility, certainty and consistency? What new regulations might be needed, and what old ones might be retired?

About the speaker:

Richard is Principal Economist at Cognitus Economic Insight, through which he advises corporates, government and Maori on competition and regulation issues, as well as on problems in institutional and environmental economics. He is a Senior Research Fellow at the Department of Economics at Auckland University of Technology, and has a PhD in industrial organisation and regulation from Toulouse School of Economics. Richard’s research interests include how different forms of ownership affect firm strategy, managerial incentives, and optimal regulation in imperfectly competitive industries. He is, of course, also the Auckland Vice President of LEANZ, but is exchanging hats for an evening.


Lawyers may note that if this seminar is part of your learning objectives in your CPDPR, then the seminar can count for 1 hour of your 10 CPD hours.



https://www.eventbrite.co.nz/e/leanz-auckland-seminar-new-wine-in-an-old-wineskin-how-technology-changes-affect-both-how-and-why-tickets-33511670308, or email richard.meade@cognitus.co.nz.

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