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King's College London – Postgraduate Diploma/Masters in Economics for Competition Law

King's College London offers a distance learning course in economics for competition law. The aims of the programme include to provide an understanding of the increasingly important role that economics plays in competition law and an understanding of when economic analysis is relevant to a particular competition law case. The 12 units include the conceptual foundations of economics as applied to competition law, market power and market definition, mergers, state aid, and empirical analysis. A unit is issued every two weeks from October until March (with a 4 week break over Christmas), and it is estimated that each unit requires approximately 20 hours of study. Further information is available at http://www.informaglobalevents.com/event/economics-for-competition-law-postgraduate-diploma-by-distance-learning-from-kings-college-london-kcl-2012. Successful postgraduate diploma students at Merit level may apply to enrol in the Masters in Economics for Competition Law, which is also a part-time distance learning programme.


Mises Institute Distance Learning

The Mises Institute offers a home study course in Austrian economics, 52 hours of lecture on CD together with a substantial amount of reading material and a shelf of books. The course can be bought and used at home. For a substantial fee one can obtain online tuition. Further information can be obtained at: http://mises.org/store/Home-Study-Course-in-Austrian-Economics-P211.aspx

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