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New Zealand - Extramural or Block Release Papers | Masters level

University of Auckland

Dr George Barker, LEANZ fellow, will be teaching an intensive LLM paper on Law and Economics in the University of Auckland LLM in 2011.  The teaching period is 10-16 August 2011.  The paper constitutes 25% of the requirement for an LLM but can be taken for Certificate of Proficiency by those who are not pursuing an LLM, including economics graduate who can satisfy the Faculty of Law that they have sufficient law background to benefit from the paper.  Follow link:  UoA LLM Paper on Law and Economics

Massey University

The main opportunity for part-time study in law and economics is the Massey University DipBusAdmin/MPhil. This is a two year (full time equivalent) degree in which one does 120 points in taught papers (sufficient for DipBusAdmin) followed by a 120 point thesis to complete the MPhil. An economist with no law degree would take Fundamentals of Law and three other law or dispute resolution papers followed by a law and econ thesis. A lawyer with no economics degree could take Economics for non-economists followed by certain other economics papers and then the thesis. A graduate in both can pitch straight into a combination of law (or dispute resolution) and economics papers followed by the thesis. An economist who has done only a 3 year degree will be required to do an additional 120 points before enrolling for the MPhil. This could be done by taking Business Law and Dispute Resolution papers enabling a combination of law papers and economics papers in the MPhil.

University of Waikato

ECON526 - Law and Economics

This module will apply microeconomic analysis to common law and to statute law. It will analyse selected issues in property law, contact law tort, criminal law and international law.  There is one weekly two hour class on a Tuesday afternoon.  Follow link: University of Waikato ECON526

New Zealand - Papers Available to Internal Students in 2011

There are numerous papers taught at Law Faculties, economics departments and commercial or business law departments of potential interest to those with background in both law and economics. This page lists only papers specifically intended to teach law and economics to those with background in only one of the two subjects.

Auckland University of Technology

A 300 level undergraduate law and economics paper will be taught in the LLB syllabus in the second semester of 2011.  Details can be obtained from matthew.barber@aut.ac.nz.

Victoria University of Wellington

LAWS 335/ECON 330 - Law and Economics

This is a 300 level LLB/BCA/BA paper taught in the first semester by Lew Evans.

DipLaw (one year)

The Victoria law faculty offers a one year DipLaw consisting of a mix of LLB and LLM papers for graduates in other disciplines. VUW also offers a CertLaw consisting entirely or mainly of LLB papers. A first year legal system paper must usually have been passed first, but does not count towards the points required for the Diploma or Certificate.

Canterbury University

ECON 327 Economic analysis of law - Prof Philip Meguire

This course is a 300-level ECON paper available for credit to the LLB. Follow link: Canterbury University ECON327

University of Waikato

ECON217 and ECON317 Economics, Law and Policy

200 or 300-level papers intended primarily for economics undergraduates.  Follow link: University of Waikato ECON217

University of Auckland

MLS (one year)

The University of Auckland law faculty offers a one year Master of Legal Studies for graduates in other disciplines.  Follow link: University of Auckland MLS

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