LEANZ, Law and Economics in New Zealand

What does LEANZ do?

The core activities of LEANZ are:


LEANZ arranges a number of seminars on law and economics topics through out the year (check out the Seminars page).  These range from the practical (for example, a law and economics analysis of actual legal cases, and introductory economics for lawyers), to the more academic (for example, Kaldor-Hicks versus Pareto efficiency).  The seminars also provide an opportunity for people with an interest in law and economics to interact and network.


The LEANZ’s website is designed to provide an interactive and informative environment to discuss law and economic topics.  The idea to establish the website arose out of the recent strategic review.  The website contains both a general area and a members only section.

The general area includes:

  • Information about LEANZ and law and economics generally,
  • The calendar of seminar events and the relevant abstracts from the speakers,
  • Administration pages such as Join LEANZ forms.

The members only section includes:

  • Reference library with links to articles and websites of relevance, and
  • Discussion room (like chat rooms) on topic issues, and
  • Update your details form.

(To gain access to these pages fill out the “Join LEANZ” Form and forward to the LEANZ administrator.  You will receive access once your subscription is received).

The website replaces the LEANZ newsletter, which contained contributions from various practitioners and academics in the field.  For cost and other efficiency reasons, the committee has decided to replace the newsletter with this website, which is designed to disseminate the various contributions we receive through the library and discussion rooms

Conference Participation and other activities

LEANZ also undertakes less regular activities.  For example, we ran a day long seminar on Austrian Economics in 2007.

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