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What is LEANZ?

LEANZ is an organisation dedicated to the advancement in New Zealand of the understanding of law and economics.  It provides a forum for the exchange of information, analysis and ideas amongst those with an interest in this form of analysis.  That interest may be practical (for example, the field of law and economics is very relevant to many aspects of the practice of law, public policy and consultancy), or it may be more academic.

Lawyers may benefit from obtaining a greater understanding of economic analysis as applied to the law.  Economic principles can provide a coherent structure for tying together diverse areas of law.  Economists can obtain a better understanding of the importance of legal and constitutional issues and the complexity and subtlety of the common law.  Case law provides economists with a vast pool of interesting puzzles.

Members of LEANZ include:

  • Lawyers;
  • Economists;
  • Policy advisers;
  • Academics; and

Charitable status

LEANZ is a registered charity: our registration number is CC42678.

LEANZ was founded in 1994, with the objectives of:

Communicating and disseminating information in New Zealand about law and economics literature and research, and promoting its application to legal and public policy issues in New Zealand and overseas; Enhancing understanding of law and economics in New Zealand amongst legal, economic and other relevant professions, including academia, the private sector and government; and Fostering teaching, research, publication and education about law and economics in New Zealand.

Our goals

During the 2001/02 financial year, the Committee of LEANZ undertook a strategic review of the more specific goals of LEANZ, and developed the following goals for the short-term:

  • General awareness of Law and Economics — identify, disseminate and promote the value that L&E can provide.
  • Closing the gaps between lawyers and economists — increasing dialogue between the two groups, increasing mutual recognition of professions.
  • Increasing the value of the LEANZ brand — providing value for money for membership including becoming a repository for L&E information and increasing networking opportunities for members.
  • Having sufficient resources to meet our objectives.
  • Increasing the understanding of economics by the legal community.
  • Greater attention to the educational aspects of the objectives.

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